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Disney Journals is similar to my journalfriends project, and with that in mind, I was inspired to create a community to connect with others who are thinking of joining the Disney College Program or who are already a part of the program. With this project, I hope to get people together. You can either create journals of your own, or participate in journals created by others. Once you get the journal, you add something to it, art, poetry, pictures, whatever you like, and pass it on to the next person on the list. Once it's done, it gets sent back to the owner filled with a little something from everyone who has participated.

People who are in the college program, want to be in the program, or are involved with Disney (Current and former cast members, etc.)

Before you join, please go over the following information:

  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs of any journals you sign up for, both domestic and international. These costs can vary depending on the size/weight of the book and the location. You will also be responsible for providing proof of shipment if asked with Delivery Confirmation or receipts.

  • There will be deadlines. You will have two weeks to complete the journal after you receive it, and one week to send it back out when you get the next address for a total of three weeks.

  • Keeping everyone informed is a must. This means posting when you receive and when you send out each journal.

    Before joining, please send an e-mail with the following information:

    -> LJ Username
    -> Full Name
    -> Complete Mailing Address
    -> Email Address- make sure it is an e-mail address you check regularly so you are able to get updates.

    to disneyjournals@gmail.com. You can request to join only after you have done this. If you request without sending an e-mail, your request will be denied. By sending this e-mail, you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the community.

    Please read the FAQ and the RULES before you join.


    Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to disneyjournals@gmail.com.